Ours Acadmey

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Project Detail

Founded in 2008, Ours Academy is the operational arm of a non profit making charitable trust which believes that all young people deserve to become world class learners. The Team works with a national of Competition , Job oriented and special schools to ensure that all learners achieve significant improvements in standards, and are provided with every opportunity to fulfil their potential. With over 500 staff and 5,000 students, Ours Academy has become the largest multi job provider in the India.

ClientOurs Academy
Project Date1 March 2014

Client’s Background

Ours Academy and Heat is leading education provider that has been servicing the India Hisar area since 2008. The Academy has proudly successful career of 1500 students in past few years.

Why Client’s Choose us

In a heavily saturated market, Ours academy was having a hard time standing out in the crowd. The congested education industry left the company no choice but to invest in an online marketing campaign.

  • 90% their organic traffic online
  • Triple their organic new user base
  • Increasing their mobile, tablet, and desktop traffic from overall India
  • Acquiring 20 new leads per day through the campaign

Impressive Results

The Ours Academy strategy turned out to be a massive success.Ours Acadmey increasing their staff to keep up with the high volume of phone calls that Pbimt Technology marketing campaign generated. Check it out:

  • Organic traffic increased after our work 266%
  • New organic users increased day by day 127%
  • Mobile traffic increased every day 24%
  • Tablet traffic increased on day based 24%
  • Desktop traffic increased on day based 57%
  • Received 80-100 new leads per day